Origami Animals

I love origami animals! These origami models are easy to make and are great for kids and adults alike. Included here are:
dogs, cats, rabbits, foxes, birds, various insects, and more! Most of these diagrams are “traditional” which means that they have been invented many years ago – so many years that no one knows who was the original creator. In a way, it is inspirational that, without internet and easy communication, early origami artists were able to create so many things. Maybe you can create some origami models too. Give it a try and let us know what you discover!

bunny rabbit head and face
Rabbit Head
bunny rabbit head and face
Rabbit Face
paper origami cat
Cat Head
paper origami bear
Bear Head
origami fox head face
Fox Head
paper origami fox
Fennec Fox
origami fox puppet
Snapping Fox
paper origami fox
Traditional Fox
easy origami dog
Origami Dog
easy origami cat
Origami Cat
easy origami easter bunny rabbit
Easy Rabbit
traditional origami bunny rabbit
Traditional Rabbit
blow up inflate balloon bunny rabbit
Balloon Bunny
blow up inflate balloon bunny rabbit
Blow Up Bunny