More Origami Instructions

Here are some web sites from friends and acquaintances. The web sites were reproduced so the information is not lost. Let me know if you are tired of managing your web site and want it to be hosted here. I usually try to preserve the original look-and-feel of the web site. Contact

anita barbour
Anita Barbour
Web site
Bay Area Rapid Folders (BARF)
bennett arnstein spike ball heaven
Bennett Arnstein
Spike Ball Heaven
fabric origami
Glenda Scott
Fabric Origami

Helena Verrill
Web Site
envelope and letter folding
John Cunliffe

Rona Gurkewitz
Web Site
scaffold origami
Scaffold Newsletter

Here’s more origami instructions which I have not had time to categorize. In time, everything will fall into place, but for now, just keep folding and have a great time!

origami flower
Origami Sax
origami ring
Gem Star Ring
origami ring
3D Origami


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