Origami Calendars

2023 Origami calendars are now available! Shown here are the templates or printouts for various origami calendars. We would like to thank the original creators for allowing us to convert the calendars into various languages and sizes. These include, Carmen Sprung, Nick Robinson, Paolo Bascetta, Ralph Jones, Paul Jackson, and more.

Don’t have time to make your own origami calendars? Give the gift that gives for 365 days a year: page-a-day origami calendars from amazon.com. Each page gives you a new origami model, check it out Page-A-Day Origami Calendars

Rhombic origami calendar
Nick Robinson
Spike origami calendar
Spike Calendar
Paolo Bascetta
cube origami calendar
Cube Calendar
Cuboctahedron origami calendar
Paul Jackson
origami calendar
Multi Ball
M Naughton
star  origami calendar
Star Calendar
Carmen Sprung
A4 origami calendar
A4 Calendar
Paolo Bascetta
Flexagon origami calendar
Ralph Jones
Pen Holder origami calendar
Pen Holder
Jeremy Shafer


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