Origami 101

Origami bases are sequences of folds which are used over and over again in different origami models. Instead of describing the same steps over and over again, an origami author or creator might just say, “Start with Waterbomb Base” and then expect that you know what a Waterbomb Base is.

Different origami books will have different bases which are related to the models found in that particular book. So, there could be many, many different bases. However, there only a handful of origami bases are universally accepted by all origami enthusiasts. These include:

  • Kite Base
  • Fish Base
  • Bird Base
  • Frog Base
  • Waterbomb Base
  • Preliminary Base
  • Windmill Base

In other countries, origami bases may have different names, but one look at the sequence of folds will tell you that they are one and the same.

Basic Folds:

origami kite base
Kite Base
waterbomb base
Waterbomb Base
blintz fold
Blintz Fold
preliminary base
Preliminary Base
origami petal fold
Petal Fold
origami squash fold
Squash Fold
origami inside reverse fold
Reverse Fold
origami outside reverse fold
Reverse Fold




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