Origami Dollar Bill Lei $50

origami leiWhen June comes around, parents are thinking of graduation and promotion.  What better way to celebrate your child’s advancement than a dollar bill lei.  A lei is a wreath or necklace usually made of flowers or leaves.  In our case, this lei is made of dollar bills.  There’s two versions of the dollar bill lei: an easy one and a hard one. In fact, both are easy, The easy lei only uses 15 one-dollar bills. The hard lei uses about 50 one-dollar bills.

Dollar bill lei is not hard to make but it does take time so let’s get started.

Instructions for Dollar Bill Lei ($50)

money origami lei

Step 1:

Start with a crisp dollar bill.
Fold & unfold the dollar bill in half.
Fold & unfold each section to divide the dollar bill into quarters.

money origami lei

Step 2:

Fold & unfold the sections so the dollar bill is divided into eighths.

dollar bill lei

Step 3:

Turn over the dollar bill and fold & unfold each section so the dollar bill is divided into 16ths.

dollar bill lei

Step 4:

Compress the pleated dollar bill.

origami Money lei

Step 5:

Compress the pleated dollar bill even further until it is a tight strip.

dollar bill lei

Step 6:

Fold in half.

Origami Dollar Bill Lei

Step 7:

Tape the two ends of the dollar bill together.

Step 8:

Expand the pleated dollar bill so it forms a rosette.

Step 9:

Tape the other two ends together to secure the rosette.
Make about 50 of these rosettes.

Step 10:

Get a ribbon that is at least 8 feet long. The actual length will depend on how long you want the lei to be. [Hint: A ribbon that is too long is better than a ribbon that is too short]. Find the middle of the ribbon and tie a double knot so it forms a 2 or 3 inch loop the near the halfway mark.

Step 11:

Thread the ends of the ribbon through the slots where the dollar bill is taped together. It helps to tie the ribbon to something like a paperclip to help weave the ribbon through the slots.

Step 12:

Push the rosette up to the knot in the ribbon.

Step 13:

Tie a double knot at the base of the rosette so it doesn’t slide up and down the ribbon. If you like, you can thread a bead or another element before adding the next dollar bill rosette.

This is how it looks.

Step 14:

Keep adding rosettes until it is long enough to make a necklace. This lei used over 50 one-dollar bills.

Origami Dollar Bill Lei

Step 15:

Tie the ends of the ribbon to the loop made in step 10 to form a necklace. Trim off excess ribbon.

Origami Dollar Bill Lei
Origami Dollar Bill Lei


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