Origami Money Lei $15

origami leiWhen June comes around, parents are thinking of graduation and promotion.  What better way to celebrate your child’s advancement than a money lei.  A lei is a wreath or necklace usually made with flowers or leaves.  In our case, this lei is made of dollar bills.  There’s two versions of the dollar bill lei: an easy one and a hard one.The easy lei only uses 15 one-dollar bills. The hard lei uses about 50 one-dollar bills.

Money lei is not hard to make but you will need a ribbon, tape, and about 15 crisp dollar bills.

Instructions for Origami Money Lei ($15)

money origami lei

Step 1:

Start with a crisp dollar bill.
Fold & unfold the dollar bill in half.
Fold & unfold each section to divide the dollar bill into quarters.

money origami lei

Step 2:

Fold & unfold the sections so the dollar bill is divided into eighths.

dollar bill lei

Step 3:

Turn over the dollar bill and fold & unfold each section so the dollar bill is divided into 16ths.

Money lei

Step 4:

Compress the pleated dollar bill.

origami Money lei

Step 5:

Compress the pleated dollar bill even further until it is a tight strip.

money lei

Step 6:

Fold in half.

Money Lei

Step 7:

Tape the two ends of the dollar bill together.

Step 8:

Expand the pleated dollar bill so it forms a rosette.

Step 9:

Tape the other two ends together to secure the rosette.
Make about 15 money rosettes.

Step 10:

Get a ribbon that is about 4 feet long. The actual length will depend on how long you want the lei to be. [Hint: A ribbon that is too long is better than a ribbon that is too short].  Tie the ribbon to a  paperclip which will help with the next step.

Step 11:

Thread the ribbon through the rosette: weave the ribbon up one slot and down the adjacent slot.

Step 12:

Turn the rosette over and tie a double knot.

Step 13:

Thread another rosette onto the ribbon.  Arrange the second rosette so it overlaps the first rosette and tie a double knot to secure its location along the ribbon.
Here, the green side is the top, visible side (top image).
The ribbon will be visible on the backside of the lei (bottom picture).

Step 13:

Continue adding more rosettes.  Be thoughtful about whether you want the green-side or the black-side of the rosette to be visible.

Money Lei
Add enough rosettes until it is long enough for a lei, about 15 to 20 rosettes is enough.
Tie the ends of the ribbon together to make a necklace.
Money Lei


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