Toilet Paper: Triangle Fold

toilet paper triangle fold

This toilet paper triangle fold is a classic! You see it in hotels, you see it in cruise ships, and sometimes you can even see it in people’s homes. They are everywhere. In fact, this is the design which started the entire phenomena of toilet paper folding. Master this easy fold and you’ll be itching to try the more complex designs.

Instructions for Toilet Paper Triangle Fold

toilet paper origami fold

Step 1:

Pull approximately one and a half “squares of toilet paper away from the toilet roll. Mountain fold (fold back) along the diagonal. it doesn’t matter if you fold from left to right or vice versa.

toilet paper origami fold

Step 2:

Mountain fold (fold behind) along the diagonal once more but in the other direction.

toilet paper origami

Step 3:

Roll the toilet paper back onto the roll so the triangular tip is nicely center.


toilet paper origami fold

Step 4:

Simple, fast, and looks great.


toilet paper origami


For the Triangle design, you can fold it right onto the toilet roll that is being used. But for the other more complex designs, you should have other rolls of toilet paper at hand so your friends and guests can choose which roll they want to use. The fancy folded toilet paper? Or the regular, unfolded one? Also, some people don’t like the idea of their toilet paper being handled and manipulated before use. So, it’s nice to have the extra roll on the side so they can use a fresh roll if they so desire.

Folding toilet paper is a little different compared to folding regular paper. TP is thin & soft, it can tear easily, and it absorbs moisture easily. (Come to think of it, this is exactly the attributes which we want in our toilet paper!) To compensate, toilet paper origami projects should be simple and they should be completed as fast as possible. The less you handle the TP, the nicer the final results will appear.