Toilet Paper Heart

toilet paper origami

This toilet paper heart looks easy but looks can be deceiving. It is an easy model, but it requires practice. You need to make the folds the same size in order for the heart to be symmetrical. The mountain folds in step 5 are also a bit tricky since you need to fold behind without disturbing the existing folds.

Nevertheless, if you have a lovely bathroom, then you will need to adorn it with a lovely origami toilet paper roll.

Instructions for Toilet Paper Heart

toilet paper heart

Step 1:

Rip or cut the bottom edge of the toilet paper.
Make the rip about 3/4 of an inch high (2 cm).

toilet paper heart

Step 2:

Fold up the ripped edge so you make 2 small triangles.

Make these triangular flaps the same size as each other and make sure they are at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3:

Using the above triangles as a guide, fold up the left and right corners of the toilet paper.

Step 4:

Pull down about one and a half “squraes” of toilet paper from the roll.

toilet paper origami

Step 5:

Fold the toilet paper back up so the heart is about 3 inches high (8 cm).

toilet paper origami

Step 6:

This is the tricky part: Mountain fold (fold behind) the bottom edges of the toilet paper to make the bottom half to the heart.

One way to do this is to make a small pinch mark at the half way point along the bottom edge. Then fold the TP from this point towards the top of the heart. The pinch will help you make a symmetrical heart.

toilet paper origami

You can leave the heart hanging beyond the height of the toilet roll, or you can roll the toilet paper up or down to center the heart.

toilet paper origami