Toilet Paper Gem

toilet paper origami

This toilet paper gem is a jewel among toilet paper. It is a little more hard to make compared to the classic triangle fold. However, it is still an easy model to complete and it will put a bit of pizzazz in your bathroom.

Instructions for Toilet Paper Gem

toilet paper origami

Step 1:

Fold up the corners of the toilet paper. Make the folds about a third of the width of the TP (actual size does not need to be exact, but they should be symmetrical).

toilet paper gem

Step 2:

Pull the toilet paper down a little.

toilet paper gem

Step 3:

Valley fold the toilet paper up. Fold it about half an inch (1.5 cm) above the triangles made in step 1. The total height of the gem should be approx 2 inches (5 cm).

toilet paper gem

Step 4:

Pull down the toilet paper a bit more.

toilet paper origami

Step 5:

Mountain fold (fold behind) the bottom left and bottom right sides of the model to make the bottom part of the gem.

If you are having trouble with the mountain fold, you can lift the toilet paper up and make two valley folds. When you put the toilet paper back down, it will be as if you made mountain folds.

toilet paper origami

Step 6:

Roll the toilet roll up or down as needed to center the gem. Or you can leave the gem hanging a little beyond the toilet paper roll.

toilet paper origami




Hint of the day: even if you don’t fold your toilet paper rolls into elaborate structures, you should know some basic toilet paper conventions. Convention 1: the toilet paper roll should be placed on the holder so the toilet paper comes off the top of the roll.

toilet paper origami toilet paper origami

You know this is true if you had monogrammed toilet paper or toilet paper with decorative prints on it. If you orient the toilet paper so the sheets come off the bottom of the roll, then you will see the undersides of the printed decorations.