Toilet Paper Butterfly

toilet paper origami
This toilet paper butterfly is easy to make and it is delight to have in your bathroom. Compliment it with other origami butterflies and you’ve got yourself a theme.

Hint of the day: If you don’t want your TP butterfly to flutter away, make sure you have another roll of toilet paper for people to use so they won’t tear off your toilet paper creation.

Instructions for Toilet Paper Butterfly

toilet paper butterfly

Step 1:

Pull the toilet paper down a little.

Fold and unfold along the diagonals to get an X-shaped crease.

toilet paper origami

Step 2:

Mountain fold (fold back) the toilet paper so the crease is at the middle of the X-shaped crease made above.


toilet paper origami

Step 3:

Pinch the toilet paper along the horizontal crease made above so it refolds itself along the creases made in step 1 & 2. You may need to poke and prod it along, but the paper will begin to buckle along the pre-made crease lines.

toilet paper origami

Fold up the bottom edge and press the layers together. You will make a double-layer triangle called a “waterbomb base”.

toilet paper origami

Step 4:

Roll the toilet paper back up a little so the waterbomb base is a little higher on the roll.

toilet paper origami

Step 5:

Fold the triangle in half: fold up the point so the tip meets the straight-edge of the waterbomb base. Unfold. The resulting crease should be across the middle of the waterbomb.

toilet paper origami

Step 6:

Peel down the top layer of toilet paper.

toilet paper origami

Step 7:

Press the toilet paper flat to stabilize the folds. Center the paper before you press down so the butterfly wings will be symmetrical and have clean lines.

toilet paper origami

Position the toilet paper origami butterfly at the center of the roll and you’re done.

Beauty and simplicity. If only everything was this easy!



Can’t manage to make this TP origami? Don’t worry, you can also buy toilet paper with custom printed toilet paper on the toilet paper itself. Kind of different, but maybe it’s exactly what you have been looking for.