Toilet Paper Boat

toilet paper origami
This toilet paper boat is fun and whimsical. The best part is that it is easy to make (takes less than 5 minutes to complete). If you have trouble making the origami boat, just tear off the sheet and start again. There’s not much waste involved.

Ocean, beach, and water-play are common themes for bathrooms, so why not add a sailboat on your toilet rolls. It’s a cute design which you don’t want to flush down the toilet.

Instructions for Toilet Paper Boat

toilet paper boat

Step 1:

Pull the toilet paper down a little.

Mountain fold (fold back) the bottom corners so the edges meet at the backside of the toilet paper.

Another way to do this is to lift the toilet paper up above the toilet paper roll and then make two valley folds. When you put the toilet paper back down, the folds will be behind.

toilet paper boat

Step 2:

Valley fold the edges of the toilet paper so the triangle is more narrow. This will be the sail of the boat. The amount you fold back will define how wide or narrow the sail will be.

toilet paper origami

Step 3:

Valley fold the triangle section up.

toilet paper origami

Step 4:

If necessary, roll the toilet paper up/down a little so the triangle is centered.

Valley fold the base of the triangle to make the hull of the sailboat. The amount you fold will define the height of the hull.

It would be best to fold the hull so it covers the raw edges of the toilet paper (the sail made in step 1).

toilet paper origami

Step 5:

Mountain fold (fold under) the bottom corners of the rectangle made in step 4.

toilet paper origami


It’s so fun and easy that you wish you could make a fleet of toilet paper origami boats.


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