Toilet Paper Basket

toilet paper basket

This toilet paper basket is cute and it adds personalized charm to your bathroom. You can add a sprig of flower, a twirl of ribbon, or other small elements into the basket so it matches your decor.

Toilet Paper Basket Instructions

toilet paper origami

Step 1:

Pull the toilet paper away from the toilet roll. Mountain fold the bottom edge of the TP (fold back one inch or less).

toilet paper origami

Step 2:

Mountain fold once more so the raw edge is folded-over twice.

toilet paper origami

Step 3:

Lift the toilet paper back up. The height you lift the TP will define the height of the basket (approx 2 to 3 inches is good).

toilet paper origami

Step 4:

Mountain fold (fold behind) the left and right sides of the toilet paper to make the sides of the basket.

The angle of the fold will define whether you have a narrow basket or a stout basket.

Probably the most important thing is to make the left and right folds the same so the basket will be symmetrical and not lopsided.

toilet paper origami

Step 5:

If you intend to add something into the basket, then pull the basket down a little. Otherwise, position the toilet paper so the basket is centered.

toilet paper origami



toilet paper origami


Some people like to have a basket of flowers, napkins or potpourri in their bathroom. Now you can have a basket on your toilet paper rolls too. To make this toilet paper roll even more fancy, you can do the following:
  – take a “square” sheet of toilet paper and fold it accordion style,
  – tuck the pleated “square’ of TP into the basket.
This fancy smancy design is called the toilet paper pleated tuck.

Hint of the day: when you are using the facilities and there is a pile of people outside of the bathroom waiting for a turn, this is NOT a good time to embark in toilet paper origami. As beautiful as they, people are not going to love you for your toilet paper creations.