Three Part Santa

three part santa
This Three Part Santa is a fabulous model. I call it “three part” because you have to divide the paper into thirds. As well, this Santa has three parts: a head, a body, and toy sack. This model requires cutting to get the different-sized squares, and it requires a smidgen of glue to keep the 3 components together.

Instructions for Three Part Santa

Take a square sheet of paper that is red on one side and white on the back side. Red origami paper works well or if you don’t have that, you can use red wrapping paper that has been cut into a square.

three part santa

Step 1:

Imagine the paper to be divided into three sections. Cut one third off. The size does not need to be exactly 1/3, just approximate.

three part santa

Step 2:

For the skinny segment, cut that into three small squares. There might be a sliver of paper left over, if so, you can throw it away.

three part santa

Step 3:

Put the three small pieces to the side for later. With the larger piece, fold in the top and bottom edges just a little. These will be the fur cuffs on Santa’s suit.

three part santa

Turn the paper over.

three part santa

Step 4:

Fold in half to get a central crease. Unfold.

origami santa

Step 5:

Fold the left and right edges of the paper to the central crease.

origami santa

Step 6:

Imagine the paper divided into three parts. Place your finger at the 1/3 mark (green dot) to anchor the paper. Peel out the paper and make a fold that extends from the 1/3 mark to the top corners of the paper.

origami santa origami santa

Step 7:

Fold down the top half of the model. Position the fold so it is at the junction where the white part of the paper is wider than the red part.

origami santa

Step 8:

The 3 small squares will be made into Santa’s head, hat, and toy sack.
Position paper so they are “diamond” shaped (balanced on the corner).
Fold all 3 left to right. Unfold.

origami santa

Step 9:

Head: Fold the left and right edges to the central crease.
Hat: Fold in half (top to bottom). Unfold
Sack: Fold the left and right edges to the central crease.

origami santa

Step 10:

Head: Turn over.
Hat: Fold the bottom tip up to the horizontal crease.
Sack: Fold up the bottom tip approx 1/3 of the way.

origami santa

Step 11:

Head: Done.
Hat: Fold up the bottom edge one more time.
Sack: Fold the left corner a little so it is less angular.

origami santa

Step 12:

Turn over hat and sack.

origami santa

Step 13:

Hat: Fold the left and right edges to the central crease.
Sack: Done.

origami santa

Step 14:

Hat: Turn over.

origami santa
Everything is ready, let’s start assembling Three Part Santa.

origami santa

Step 15:

Slide the hat over the Santa’s head. The three parts can be assembled in many ways to create whimsical origami Santas.

three part santa
Place the sack under Santa’s sleeve. Place the head over the body so there is maximum overlap of the beard and the body. This is the most stable orientation.

three part santa
Place the head a little higher than the body. This makes Santa look less stout.

three part santa
Fold the top of the toy sack and hook it over Santa’s shoulder. Cock the head to one side, this makes it look like Santa’s sack is really heavy with toys.

three part santa
You can use a hole puncher to punch black circles (for buttons) and a white circle (for the pom pom). The possibilities for Three Part Santa are endless!



Watch video for tips (similar but not exactly the same):