Spike Calendar

paper origami spike calendar

Paolo Bascetta’s Spike Calendar is one of many DIY origami calendars available on this website. This calendar is an example of modular origami (also called unit origami) because the final model is composed of many units. Each unit is folded in the same way and then they are assembled into something bigger and better than their individual parts.

This Spike Calendar is made with 6 sheets of paper and the final calendar is like a spikey ball. There are 24 spikes and 12 faces. The 12 faces offer space for the 12 months of a year. This model is delicate and should not be thrown around.

How to Make Paolo Bascetta’s Spike Calendar

Instructions on how to fold and assemble the calendar are available online from the CDO web site. CDO is for “Centro Diffusione Origami” which is an Italian origami organization.
    • instructions for Spike Calendar

It’s a little bit tricky to show 3D shapes on a flat-screen so you might have to exercise a bit of patience and tenacity. Additional help can be found here:
    • help of assembly of Spike Calendar

2024 Templates or printouts:
    • small calendar
    • large calendar



If you are having trouble folding your own origami calendars, you can always buy a page-a-day calendar from amazon.com. These calendars are fabulous gifts because there is one origami model per day: it’s a gift that will last the entire year.
    • Page-a-Day Origami Calendar

Don’t forget that you can also get Fold-A-Day paper airplane or kirigami calendars which are super cool!
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Page a Day Origami Calendar

Page a Day Origami Calendar