Simple Origami Flower

origami flower simple origami flower origami flower simple origami flower

This simple origami flower is easy to make and very versatile. If you can make a Preliminary Base, then you’ve pretty much got this flower done. With minor variations, you can make different kinds of flowers with this easy model.

  • Without modification, it is a simple blossom.
  • Or, if you cut the edges round and color the center, the flower becomes a pansy. In this case, harmony paper was used to get the color change effect.
  • If you cut the edges of the paper with wavy-edge scissors, then the flower becomes a carnation.
  • If you place a bunch of these simple flowers together, they are like a hydrangea cluster.

Instructions for Simple Origami Flower

simple origami flower

Step 1:
Start with a square sheet of paper with the color-side up.
Fold the paper along the diagonals (in both directions).
Unfold to give you an “X” shaped crease.

simple origami flower

Step 2:
Turn the paper over.
Fold from left to right.

simple origami flower

Step 3:
Fold the paper in half, top to bottom.

simple origami flower

Step 4:
Gently push together the top-left and top-right corners of the paper.

simple origami flower

The top layer of paper will lift up as you push together the corners.

easy origami flower

A little more….

origami flower
Step 5: Swivel the front-flap of paper towards the right. Behind the model is another flap which points back. Swivel this back-flap towards the left.

origami flower
Step 6:
What you have now is a “Preliminary Base”. Rotate the model 180 degrees so the open-end of the paper points up.

origami flower
Step 7:
Fold the bottom-left and bottom-right edges of the paper towards the vertical midline.

origami flower
Step 8: Turn the model over.

origami flower
Step 9:
Repeat on this side: fold the bottom-left and bottom-right edges of the paper to the vertical midline.

origami flower
Step 10:
Grasp the tip of the paper at the top of the model and pull down as far as possible/comfortable.

origami flower
Peel open the flower so the inside is visible.

origami flower

Be firm.

origami flower
When the flower is completely open, press down evenly along the edges of the paper to establish the creases.

origami flower
Once the creases have been set, you can then adjust how much to open or close the simple origami flower. Adjust by pinching the base of the flower near where it becomes the stem.

origami  carnation
To make a carnation from this flower, simply cut the edges of the paper with
wavy-edge scissors. Do this at step 10 before you peel open the flower.

origami pansy
Similarly, you can cut the paper to have a rounded edge. The flower becomes a pansy. You can use harmony paper to get a color change in the blossom. Or you can color the center with a marker to get the distinctive dark-center of pansy flowers.

origami hydrandea
You can also use the simple origami flowers in a hydrangea cluster. To do this, fold 5 to 10 paper flowers, bend the stem and tape the bent parts onto green paper shaped like leaves.



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