Pentahexaflexagon Calendar

pentahexaflexagon calendar
This pentahexaflexagon calendar was created by Ralph Jones. Diagrams were created by Origami Resource Center using the templates from Click here to download pentahexaflexagon calendar templates.

These models require cutting and pasting, so they are not origami. However, they are made of paper and they are fun to make so they are included for enjoyment value.

How to make a Pentahexaflexagon Calendar

1) Print, Cut, Glue, and Crease

  1. Print out the two shapes. Cut out shapes along outer edge.
  2. Glue the two shapes back to back with “March-Wednesday” directly behind “April-Wednesday”.
    The two end-triangle are unpaired.
  3. Crease all the triangles: mountain & valley all lines to make them flexible.
  4. Position shape so September-Monday is on the bottom left.

2) Fold

pentahexaflexagon calendar
a) Fold July-Friday over July-Saturday.

pentahexaflexagon calendar
b) Fold November-Saturday over November Friday.

pentahexaflexagon calendar
c) Fold November-Monday over November-Tuesday.

pentahexaflexagon calendar
d) Turn model over.

pentahexaflexagon calendar
e) Fold November-Wednesday over November-Thursday.

pentahexaflexagon calendar
f) Fold July-Monday over July-Tuesday.

pentahexaflexagon calendar
g) Fold July-Thursday over July-Wednesday.

pentahexaflexagon calendar
h) Model looks like a straight line of 10 equilateral triangles.

3) Hexagonify

a) Fold May-Thursday over May-Wednesday.
    Turn model over.

b) Fold May-Monday over May-Tuesday.

c) Push back the May-Saturday panel so it is behind.

d) Check to make sure that central months are all the same.
    Turn model over and check backside too.
    If it is not correct, undo and try assembly again.

e) If everything looks good, then glue together the blank panels.

f) Done!

4) Flex

To use or play with your flexagon calendar, pinch and peel as shown below.


Pinch two panels together.
Here, January-Wednesday and January-Thursday are pinched together.

Push-in the section directly across from where you pinched.
Here, it would be between January-Sunday and January-Monday.
This forms a propellor like structure.

From the center, peel open the structure.

In transition.

Done with one rotation.

The center month should be different.
Repeat pinch and peel until you see all 12 months.

If you keep seeing the same 6 months over and over again, then try pinching the other panels together. In this example, pinch together January-Thursday and January-Friday. This will allow you to see the other 6 months giving you a total of 12 months. It’s like a puzzle with hidden panels.