Pen Holder Calendar

paper origami pen holder calendar

Jeremy Shafer’s Pen Holder Calendar:
This hexagonal pen holder was created by Jeremy Shafter: it is a variation of the twist box by Tomoko Fuse and Shuzo Fujimoto. It was converted into a calendar by Yaacov Metzger.

This is one of those great multifunctional origami models. It serves as a pen holder and it serves as a calendar. This is an example of crease and collapse origami model. First you make the creases as indicated, then you collapse the model along the existing crease lines to achieve the final shape. This is not an easy model to collapse, but once done, it is quite beautiful.


How to Make Jeremy Shafer’s Pen Holder Calendar


If you have never made a twist box then you should definitely watch the video to get tips. Even so, this is a tricky model which will require a bit of tenacity.

2024 calendar printouts
video instructions
diagram and crease pattern




If you know someone who loves origami but you are too busy to fold them an origami calendar, then an easy option is to give them a page-a-day calendar from These calendars are great gifts because there is a new origami model on each sheet of paper. There are 365 sheets of paper for the 365 days of the year. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! The origami creations included can be simple origami models, they can be for paper airplanes, or they can be for kirigami models (beautiful fold-and-cut projects).
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