Paper Vase

paper vase
This origami paper vase looks hard to make because it has many steps. However, it is technically simple. This container has an attractive lip which can be folded in two ways to get a slightly different look. As with other origami boxes and containers, this vase is light weight and can tip over. Place something heavy inside to weight it down (for example, decorative pebbles, or uncooked rice/beans).

Instructions for Paper Vase

paper vase

Step 1:

Start with a square sheet of paper with the colored-side facing up.
Fold and unfold along the diagonals to make an X shaped crease.
Turn paper around.

paper vase

Step 2:

Fold and unfold the paper in half (left to right).

paper vase

Step 3:

Fold the paper in half (top to bottom).

paper vase

Step 4:

Make a Preliminary Base. To do this, push the top corners down and towards one another.

paper vase

Allow the front to come up towards you.

paper vase
Swivel the flap pointing towards you to the right. There should be a similar flap pointing behind, swivel this one to the left. This is called a Preliminary Base and many origami models start with this basic form.

paper vase

Step 5:

Rotate the Preliminary Base so the open-end is pointing up.

paper vase

Step 6:

Fold in the left and right flaps. Make the fold at a slight angle so the origami vase will be wide at the top and narrow at the base.

paper vase

Step 7:

Repeat with the back two flaps.

paper vase

Step 8:

Fold the bottom tip up (this part will be the base of the vase). Unfold.

paper vase

paper vase

Step 9:

The next few steps will be repeated 4 times.
      a) Fold the top-left flap towards the middle of the model, then unfold.
      b) Fold the top section (triangular part) down.
      c) Like turning the pages of a book, turn the top-right flap towards the left.
            At the back of the model, swivel one flap from left to right.

paper vase

Step 10:

Repeat on this panel:
      a) Fold the top-left layer down towards the middle.
      b) Fold down the top triangle.
      c) Swivel the top-right flap towards left. Repeat “turn page” move behind.

paper vase

Step 11:

Repeat for 3rd time:
      a) Fold down top-left side.
      b) Fold down top triangle.
      c) Turn pages (flaps) once more to work on last panel.

paper vase

Step 12:

Repeat for 4th time:
      a) Fold left flap towards center.
      b) Fold down top-triangle.
      c) Do “turn pages” move.

paper vase paper vase paper vase

Step 13:

Tuck in the top-left corner.
      a) To do this, lift the triangular flap.
      b) Push in the left-corner. Use the creases made in step 9 as a guide.
      c) Bring the triangular flap back down.

paper vase paper vase paper vase

Step 14:

Inflate the model by inserting your finger through the top opening and gently pushing the side wall outward. Use the creases from step 8 to establish the base of the vase. Origami Paper Vase is done!

paper vase
paper vase


Paper Vase Variation

There is another variation where the outer lip is made more symmetrical. This is shown below:

Lift the white flaps and rearrange the folds on the left side so the triangular flap is symmetrical. Note the difference between image A and E. Do this for all 4 sides of the paper vase.

paper vasepaper vasepaper vasepaper vasepaper vase

Compare the two styles side by side
paper vase

paper vase

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