Outside Reverse Fold

inside reverse fold
The Outside Reverse Fold is commonly seen in the making of origami animals. In particular, the head or feet are made by executing these series of moves. The result is similar to that of an inside reverse fold; however, the difference is that in the outside reverse fold, the paper wraps around the model (on the outside of the model). In contrast, the inside reverse fold lies in between the existing layers of paper.

Outside Reverse Fold in the Making of a Dog’s Body

origami outside reverse fold

Step 1: Make a valley fold where you want the outside reverse fold to be located.
Step 2: Unfold, pry open the two layers of paper and flip it inside out.
Step 3: Re-make folds along existing creases.
Step 4: Done.

Another example of Outside Reverse fold is seen in the making this origami egg:

origami outside reverse fold

Step 1:

Fold the paper where you want the inside reverse fold to be located.

Step 2:


Step 3:

Reverse some of the folds (valley converted to mountain fold) and flip the paper outwards.

Step 3:

In transition.

Step 4: