Origami Christmas Wreath

Origami Christmas Wreath
This Origami Christmas Wreath is from martaorigamis web site. Unfortunately, the web site is only in Portuguese and not all the steps are shown. To make the origami wreath more accessible, the instructions are presented here in English and more photos are shown to facilitate the folding process. Be sure to visit their web site to see more beautiful wreaths.

Origami Christmas Wreath
This wreath made with 8 sheets of square paper. It takes about 5 minutes to fold each sheet into a unit. The 8 units are joined together with glue or tape. It will take more than 30 minutes to complete this Origami Christmas Wreath – but it’s worth it!

Origami Christmas Wreath

Folding the 8 Units

Step 1:

Take a square sheet of paper and place it so it is “diamond” position (balanced on one of its corners). Fold and unfold left-to-right and top-to-bottom to get a + shaped crease.

Step 2:

Fold the bottom-left and bottom-right edges to the vertical crease. This forms a kite shape.

Step 3:

Unfold and rotate quarter turn.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 & 3 three more times along the other corners.

This is how the crease pattern will look like when all 4 corners have been folded.

Step 5:

Using the existing creases as a guide, fold up the bottom-left and bottom-right edges so they meet with the horizontal crease.

Fold up the bottom-corner and flatten the paper to get a new triangular flap.

In progress.

Step 6:

The triangular flap will be made into a petal. Fold the flap towards the right. The top of the triangle should align with the horizontal crease (connect red dots).


Step 7:

Repeat step 6 in the other direction. Fold the triangle towards the left (align red dots).

Origami Christmas Wreath


Origami Christmas Wreath

This is how it looks like. Next photos are enlarged.

Step 8:

Using the existing creases as a guide, fold down the left and right edges.

At the same time, the tip of the triangular flap comes down.

This is how it looks like. This small flap will be a petal.
The next few steps will make the petal more symmetrical. The instructions here are slightly different from the original instructions. Here, the extra paper is folded under instead if above.

Step 9:

Swivel half the petal towards the right.

Make a valley fold so the petal is more narrow.

Swivel the petal towards the left to work on the other side.

Step 10:

Fold this half of the petal to make it more narrow.

Swivel the paper back towards the right.

Notice how the petal is more symmetrical (compare the “diamond” shape with the “kite” shape in step 9).

Origami Christmas Wreath

Rotate the model 180 degrees.

Step 11:

Repeat steps 5 through 10 on this side of the paper.

Origami Christmas Wreath

Rotate a quarter turn.

Step 12:

Fold up the bottom section to form a triangular flap.

Step 13:

Repeat steps 6 through 10 on this flap of paper.

Step 14:

Rotate the model 180 degrees and repeat steps 6 through 10 on this side.

Origami Christmas Wreath Origami Christmas Wreath

One unit of the Origami Christmas Wreath is done! You can use the unit as is, or you can add a pearl, a bead, or a brad in the center. The bead is purely cosmetic; it may hide inconsistencies at the center of the unit.

Assemble the Origami Christmas Wreath

Origami Christmas Wreath
Make 8 of the wreath units.

Origami Christmas Wreath Origami Christmas Wreath Origami Christmas Wreath

To assemble them into a ring, slide the corner of one unit (red) into edge of another unit (green). The is a pocket where the corner can slide into but you will need a dab of glue or tape to keep the units together.

Repeat with the remaining units until you form a ring.

Paper Moravian Star Wreath.
Origami Christmas Wreath Origami Wreath


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