Easy Origami Bee

origami bee
Most of the origami bees available on the internet or in books are fairly complex. This is because bees, like other insects, have many body parts (6 legs, 2 antennae, 2+ wings, and a stinger). In order to make all these appendages, one must be an accomplished paper folder.

The paper bee shown here is made easy because a yellow sheet of paper is used (and black stripes colored upon it) and because it has the general shape of a bee without the details. These bees are so easy to make, you will want to make a hive of them.

Instructions for Easy Origami Bee

origami bee

Step 1:

Take a yellow, square sheet of paper and cut it along the diagonal so it becomes a triangle.

easy bee

Step 2:

With the white-side facing up, fold the paper in half and unfold.

easy bee

Step 3:

Fold up the bottom-corners so the tips meet at the peak of the triangle.

easy bee

Step 4:

Fold down the two flaps but fold it at a slight angle so the tips spread apart from one another and look like wings.

easy bee

Step 5:

Fold down the back-layer of paper. Don’t fold exactly in half; instead, leave a small gap.

origami bee

origami bee origami bee origami bee

Step 6:

Make the back-layer more narrow by folding it into thirds. Then refold the crease made in step 5.

origami bee

Step 7:

Fold back (mountain fold) a good portion of the left and right sides of the model. Adjust the paper until the shape is of that of a bee and that the left and right sides are symmetrical to one anoher. Press down to establish the folds.

origami bee

Step 8:

Fold back the wing tips.

origami bee

Step 9:

Color the bee’s head black and color stripes across its back.

origami bee