Moravian Star Wreath

The Moravian Star Wreath is made with 8 paper Moravian Stars (also called German Stars or Froebel Stars). Once the stars are made, the wreath can be assembled very easily. Depending on your choice of colors, the wreath can be suitable for almost any occasion from Christmas wreaths to wedding wreaths.

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Paper Moravian Stars are also called German Stars, Froebel Stars, and a variety of other names such as Swedish Stars, Danish star and more. Each Moravian Star is made with 4 strips of paper. The instructions can be found here. To begin, make 8 paper Moravian Stars.

Instructions to make a Moravian Star Wreath

Moravian Star wreath

Each paper Moravian star has 16 points. We will call the points at the four corners as “tabs”.

In between adjacent tabs is a space which we will call “pockets”

Moravian Star wreath

Step 1:

Insert the tabs (pointy corners) of one unit into the pockets of another unit. You may need to pry open the pockets and wiggle the tabs to get one to fit into the other.

Moravian Star wreath

Step 2:

Repeat with a third paper Moravian Star. The stars will naturally curve into a ring shape.

Moravian Star wreath

Step 3:

Assemble 8 paper Moravian Stars into a wreath.

Moravian Star wreath

It’s quite nice and it’s really easy to make once you have made the individual stars.

Depending on
– how large your wreath is,
– how heavy it is, and
– the quality of the paper,
you may or may not need to use glue to help keep the units together in a ring shape.

For Moravian Stars that are 2 inches wide, glue is not necessary. When the stars are small, there isn’t enough overlap of the tabs and pockets to get a good hold.

german star


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