Lucky Hearts

lucky hearts
These paper hearts are called Lucky Hearts because it is made in the same way the Lucky Stars are made. Perhaps a name of Puffy Heart might be appropriate since this heart is puffy and not flat.

It is a cute model which doesn’t take much energy to make, thus you might find yourself making lots of them. Model uses one strip of paper and requires cutting (but it does not need glue).

Instructions for Lucky Hearts

Step 1:

Start with a strip of paper (this one was 1.5 inch wide and 11 inches long). Valley fold one end of the paper so there is a small triangular flap.

lucky hearts

Step 2:

Valley fold along the edge of the triangular flap as shown.

Step 3:

Again, make another valley fold. Basically, you are wrapping the strip of paper around the original triangular flap made in step 1.

Step 4:

Continue folding the paper until you have wrapped it 5 or 6 times around.

Step 5:

Cut off the rest of the paper strip. Leave a bit of extra paper that is about half the width of the triangle. Fold in the corner of the extra bit of paper.

Step 6:

Tuck in the overhanging bit of paper under one of the existing layers of paper.

In transition.

Step 7:

Use sharp scissors to cut rounded corners.

Step 8:

Use your fingernails to push in the long edge of the triangle. Now that you know how to make one heart, you can make lots of them!

An important thing to remember is to hold the paper the correct way: hold it along the edges when you push-in the wide-edge of the triangle. Do not hold the paper so your thumb applies pressure on the face of the triangle. If you did that, the heart won’t puff up.

You can make the hearts in different sizes and colors. You can write words on them so they are personalized just like the classic Sweethearts you find near Valentine’s Day.

A strip of paper that is one inch wide makes a heart that is a little over one inch wide from one rounded-corner across to the other rounded-corner.




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