Gem Star Ring

origami ring

Learn to make this convertible Gem Star Ring. You can make it look like a square-rock gem type of ring, or as a cut-star type of ring.

The ring looks really nice when folded with foil paper. Regular origami paper works well too; the white back-side gives a white band and the colored front-side of the paper will be the color of the star gem. You can even make finger rings out of US dollar bills!

origami ring

Step 1:

Start with a rectangular sheet of paper of size 1 inch x 4 inch.
Fold in half lengthwise. Unfold.

origami ring

Step 2:

Fold in half crosswise.

origami ring

Step 3:

Fold in the two corners as shown.

origami ring

origami ring

Step 4:

Sink the two corners (push the two corners so the triangles are
in between the top and bottom layers of papers).

origami ring

Step 5:

Fold the top-edge and bottom-edge of the paper towards the middle.

origami ring

Step 6:

Turn over.

origami ring

Step 7:

Repeat step 5.

origami ring

Step 8:

Fold the top section towards the left.

origami ring

Step 9:

Mountain fold (fold back) so the right-side is behind the left-side.

origami ring

Step 10:

Open the two sides so the star gem is pointing up.

origami ring

Step 11:

Pull the two ends away from each other to ease open the center.

origami ring

Step 12:

Shape the central gem by either pushing down the point so it is flatten into a square. Or, pinch the sides so it looks like a star (or the tip of a Phillips screwdriver).

origami ring

“Gem” Ring variation

origami ring

“Star” Ring variation

origami ring

Step 13:

Loop the ends together and tuck one end into the other.

origami star ring

Hint: you can trim one end so it is easier to slide into the other end.



origami gem ring origami gem star ring

Gem Ring
origami paper ring origami star ring

Star Ring

Origami paper rings are fun to make and fun to wear. They are not as serious as a real diamond ring, so it’s a nice way to show you care without the severity of a real diamond ring. Friends can give friendship rings or club rings.

origami  gem ring


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