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The flexagon calendars are probably the most interactive or most “fun” make-it-yourself calendars in this website. They do require cutting and gluing so they are not truly origami; rather they would be under the category of paper fun.

Flexagons are geometrical puzzles made with paper strips. The shape can be rotated or flexed to show different faces. The faces or panels can be colored differently so as you flex, different patterns emerge. In these examples, the months of the year are printed on different panels so you can get a flexagon calendar. watch video

How to Make a Flexagon Calendars

There are two types to choose from. The tetrafexagon is square in shape whereas the hexaflexagon is hexagonal.

    • 2024 Instructions & printout

    • 2024 printout in color
    • 2024 printout in black & white
    • assembly instructions


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