Evergreen Tree

origami evergreen tree
This Evergreen Tree was created by Sarah Wooden. Sarah’s origami works were presented on her website, Sarah’s Origami. Unfortunately, her website is no longer working but if you had a chance to see it you would be impressed with her clear and simple designs. This 4-sided tree is such an example; it is is made with a bird base.

Instructions for Origami Evergreen Tree

origami evergreen tree

Step 1:

Start with a square sheet of paper with the colored-side facing up. Fold and unfold along the diagonals to get an X-shaped crease.

origami evergreen tree

Step 2:

Turn the paper over. Fold and unfold from left to right.

origami evergreen tree

Step 3:

Fold in half (top to bottom).

origami evergreen tree

Step 4:

Collapse into a Preliminary Base. To do this, push the top-left and top-right corners towards each other.

origami evergreen tree
Allow the front to come up towards you.

origami evergreen tree

Step 5:

Swivel the front flap towards the right. There should be an equivalent flap pointed back, swivel this one towards the left. This square structure is called a Preliminary Base

origami evergreen tree

Step 6:

Fold the left-side and right side of the top layer towards the center line.

origami evergreen tree
origami evergreen tree

Step 7:

Lift up the top layer of paper.

origami evergreen tree
Keep lifting.

origami evergreen tree

Step 8:

Use the crease lines made in step 6 to fold in the edges of the paper.

origami evergreen tree
Bring the flap back down.

origami evergreen tree

Step 9:

Turn over

origami evergreen tree

Step 10:

Repeat steps 6 to 8.

Lift the top-layer up.

Like step 8, fold in the edges and…

…bring the flap back down.

This is how it looks like.
Next, make a sink fold.

Step 11:

Fold and unfold the top section down as shown.

origami evergreen tree

Step 12:

Repeat but fold the section back (mountain fold). Do this a few times so the crease can bend both directions.

Step 13:

Unfold the paper. Beginners might find it easier to unfold the paper completely. Those with more experience may be able to make the Sink Fold without unfolding the model completely.

Step 14:

Pinch the creases of the central square so all the folds are mountain folds.

Step 15:

Press down at the center and make the creases valley folds.

Collapse along the existing creases.

If any of the sides have popped out, fold them back in.

Step 16:

Rotate the model so the top of the triangle is pointing up. Flare apart the 4 flaps.

Top view.

Side view.

Sarah Wooden’s Evergreen Tree with a Lucky Star on top.


origami evergreen tree
Evergreen Tree
origami evergreen tree
8-Sided Tree
origami evergreen tree
16-Sided Tree