Cuboctahedron Calendar

paper origami cuboctahedron calendar

Paul Jackson’s Cuboctahedron Calendar:
The cuboctahedron shape is familiar to mathematicians as such, the origami form of the polyhedron was discovered independently by many paper artists. The origami model is often attributed to Paul Jackson and Kenneth Kawumara. The business card cuboctahedron is credited to Jeannine Mosley. Calendar templates were generated by Ralph Jones.

Like many DIY origami calendars, this one is made with many sheets of paper, 6 sheets to be exact. Not only does it use 6 sheets of paper, each sheet isn’t even square. Nevertheless, it is a great origami model and the fact that you can use it as a table calendar is bonus!

How to Make Paul Jackson’s Cuboctahedron Calendar

This Cuboctahedron Calendar has 6 faces offering space for 6 months of the year. To get a full year, you will need to fold two cuboctahedrons. The units are very easy to make. Assembly can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated.
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    • Instructions to fold units
    • how to assembly the units found here and here


If you are having trouble folding your own origami calendars, you can always buy a page-a-day calendar from These calendars are fabulous gifts because there is one origami model per day: it’s a gift that will last the entire year. Depending on what you like, you can get a page-a-day calendar devoted to paper airplanes. Imagine designing 365 paper airplanes, wouldn’t that be a challenge!
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Don’t forget that you can also get Fold-A-Day paper airplane or Fold-A-Day kirigami calendars which are super cool! Kirigami is like origami except that you use scissors to cut the paper. Typically, you fold the paper and then cut bits and pieces off. When you unfold the paper, you get a repeated pattern. The paper snowflakes made by kindergarteners is an example of kirigami. In addition to the classic snowflake, you can also make flowers, mandalas, and star burst designs.
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