8 Pointed Container pg 2

When you are making the 8 pointed origami container, there is an alternate folding sequence for accomplishing steps 12 through 27. This alternative sequence is shown here.

Some steps in origami are easy to do but hard to show in writing or as a diagram. Thus some steps are instructed because they are easy to show on paper, but they may not be the easiest or most elegant way to fold the model.

The alternative steps shown here are an example of this. Here, you will need to:
– pre-crease the model by folding & unfolding,
– partially unfold the model,
– fold along the creases made above, and then
– refold (called “collapse”) the model back to where it was before.

Start from step 11 of the 8 pointed container.

Unfold the model completely.
Fold the four corners in as shown.

Refold or collapse the model so it is like the one in step 11.

The only difference is that steps 12 through 19 have been completed.
This method is easy to do but it is hard to show. Steps which require collapsing are hard to show.

Steps 22 to 27 can be done in this manner:

Fold the bottom corners in as instructed in step 20.

Do this for all 4 flaps:
  front, back and the two on the side.

Partially unfold the model and fold in the pointy corners as shown. Use the creases made in the step above as guidelines.

collapse in progress

collapse in progress

Once you have finished collapsing the model back to where it was before you unfolded it, it will look like this: same as step 28