Below is the cover. Note there are 89 original models in the book, not "over 400" as stated on the cover! This was a blooper on the part of the cover designer/editors. At least it's in small print, but still, when I first saw it — I was astonished! But now I'm just amused, and making the most of its humor value... When people ask about it, here's what I tell them:

"Well, you see, St. Martin's Press is very loose with language... When they say 'original models', they mean 'the reader's potential for original models' like when they get stuck on a step, POOF there's an original model: Nail Clipper Step 22! "......." If you count all the intermediary steps as original models, there are in fact over a thousand in this book!"....... "The Monolithic Rubblestone Boulder alone gives the reader the potential for infinite original models!"

Or... "But really there are over 400 original models....... in the series, but this book is just part one."

So as you can see, I'm taking it in stride, but jokes aside, I'm not thrilled to have a glaring inaccuracy on the cover. At least there's an errata inserted on the copyright page that says "There are 89 models in this book not "over 400" as stated on the cover."
Other than the blooper, isn't the cover beautiful!....

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This page transfered to in Oct, 2021 with permission from Jeremy Shafer.
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