Here's half the cast of characters - color pictures (in no particular order) of 45 models from the book. The actual pictures in the book are in black and white.

Click on a picture to see it larger.

Falling Cuboids

Multiple Rippling Deltoid Design

Crazy-Mouthed Gremlin

Chocolate-Covered Ant

Nail Clippers

Bird of Peace Pop-up Card

Preshrunk Bluejeans

Frogs Tongue

Magic Cube

Man Swatter

Present Box

Men's Suit

Walking Boat

Star of Peace

Clogged Artery

Exploding Envelope

Off the Wallet


Cleared Artery

Flasher Labyrinth

Flasher Supreme


Mr. Smiley

Surfer on a Wave

Slithering Snake Skin

Cubist Heart Card

Monolithic Rubblestone Boulder

Folding the Square Base

Peace Sign

Cretan Labyrinth Walker

Dromenon Labyrinth Walker

Flasher Hat

Double-sided Yin Yang

Kite Letterhead

Unfortunate Suitor

Yapping Clapping Tapping Flapping T-rex

Venus Flytrap

Squishy Blob

Transvestite Puppet

Spider Web

Musical Notes

Who's Staring at my Rump?

Folding the Blintz Base

Piano Playing Pop-up Card


Running Car


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This page transfered to in Oct, 2021 with permission from Jeremy Shafer.
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