Unicycling is the most superior form of human-powered transportation!

You may ask "WHY?"

Because unicycling is superior to all the rest.

"BUT HOW ABOUT BICYCLING?" you may ask...

15 reasons unicycles are better than bicycles:
  1. Unicycles are safer. Far fewer unicycles get in accidents.
    -They are more visible.
    -Cars actually stop to let you cross.

  2. Unicycles are more maneuverable.
    -It's much easier to do a 180 on a unicycle.

  3. They are more transportable.
    -You can take your unicycle on the bus.

  4. Unicyclists can get away with a lot more.
    -Cops don't know how to classify unicycles
    -Unicyclists can ride in the street or on the sidewalk
    -You can take your unicycle into the post office with you.

  5. They are less trivial to learn how to ride.
    -Challenges are healthy.

  6. Two wheels are excessive.

  7. You can ride with no hands without loss of maneuverability.
    -In fact you can't not ride with no hands. unless you hold on to the seat
    -Having your hands free is very useful; you can juggle, handwhistle, do origami, or eat lunch.

  8. They are slower downhill.
    -Which is good because it's safer.
    -Besides, what's the hurry? We unicyclists have nowhere we'd rather be than on our unicycles.
    -Besides going uphill a unicycle is not necessarily slower...
    -Unicycles are lighter, have a low gear, and I pass bikes on a regular basis.

  9. The uncomfortable unicycle seats enhance pelvic stamina.
    - Who wants children anyways.

  10. They are easier to get off.

  11. They impress the babes/studs. well... maybe not but they should at least.

  12. They give you more attention. -A great conversation starter.

  13. Half the wheels half the flats.

  14. They're much less expensive.

  15. You get to be amused everyday by passerbys who call out "hey, you lost a wheel!" and think they are original and even funny.

Sporting a Watermelon Helmet at Solano Stroll Parade 2000

Street Performing at Solano Stroll 2000

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