One of my more recent hobbies is traveling to far off lands... mostly in the name of origami. Here are my traveling memoirs as published in the BARF Newsletter.

Japan -- February 2003 February 2003 Memoirs.PDF

Venezuela -- February 2001 February 2001 Memoirs.PDF

Colombia, Ecuador, Italy -- December 2000 December 2000 Memoirs.PDF

Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba -- December 1999 December 1999 Memoirs.PDF

England, France, Spain -- April 1999 April 1999 Memoirs.PDF

Japan -- July 1998 July 1998 Memoirs.PDF

Colombia -- November 1997 November 1997 Memoirs.PDF

Handwhistling with Carlos Buchelli in Venezuela
Faces of Fun - Colombian Origami Convention 2000

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This page transfered to in Oct, 2021 with permission from Jeremy Shafer.
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