Handwhistle is an instrument - composed of just two hands - that I learned to play on my unicycle because I had nothing else to do with my hands. For three years I used to commute on my unicycle from downtown Santa Cruz to the UC campus and back (90 minutes roundtrip) and would always play my hands. Also while at the UC, I enrolled in a jazz improv class and went to Monterrey Bay Recorder Society meetings (playing handwhistle). More recently, in Berkeley I played with the La Pena Latin American Ensemble, the Starry Plough open band (Irish music) and the Gorilla Choir (don't ask). I still play my hands whenever I unicycle and I have dreams of forming a handwhistling quartet.

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Latin American

Folk Dance

Cat Call

Water Drop

Mouth Clapping

Latin American
Mouth Clapping

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Solano Ave. Stroll Festival, Berkeley, 1993

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